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Games cupboard at Glenholme

Activities Cupboard

We have an activities cupboard, where there’s access to boards games, art materials, videos and much more. Read more…

Painting at Glen Home

Home Activites

We regularly have painting sessions and our residents have recently exhibited there works on the walls around the home. Read more…


Days Out at Glenholme

We take out the residents to various places across the country. Our residents love the day out trips. Read more…

Service users’ involvement in the running of the home

All service users are encouraged to play an active part in the day-to-day running of the home. It is recognized however that where a group a people are living together it is hard to get a consensus of opinion. All people living within the home are encouraged to give their views. Where a person is unable to advocate for themselves, their carer /relative, key worker, advocate etc will be approached to ensure that their needs are being met. Consultation with service users or their representatives is an ongoing daily process in all our homes and we are constantly reviewing best practice in this area.

Meetings for people living at Glenholme are chaired by the Manager or Senior support staff with separate meetings held for each side of the house. Service users are encouraged to be as independent as possible in all their self help skills. All residents may have front door keys and keys to their bedrooms based on assessment.

Re-integration is part of the program

me, where necessary. Daily living skills are encouraged such as making a cup of tea and cooking their own meals under supervision. Some residents are able to look after their own bedrooms and to carry out tasks such as making the bed and doing their laundry.

Residents are provided help and advice with regard to personal money management and budgeting. The support required will be agreed with the person, their Care Manager and any family or advocates and be part of their care plan. Individual financial risk assessments are undertaken for each person to ensure any safeguarding issues are addressed.

Leisure activities

Service users are encouraged to pursue a wide range of leisure activities both within the home and in the local and wider community. We encourage the residents to develop their own hobbies and provide the necessary resources. Each resident has the opportunity to discuss with the manager about any particular need or concern they may have.

Religious/Cultural Beliefs

All people living in the home are encouraged to follow their cultural, spiritual and religious beliefs. The services we offer can be specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual. Where a person wishes to practice their religious beliefs they will be encouraged to do so. If the individual is unable to attend on their own, then a member of staff will escort them to their chosen place of worship.

Friends and relatives

Glenholme operates an open visiting system. Friends relatives etc. are welcome to call in at any time though it may be prudent to ring first to ensure that the person is in. A telephone is available for the service user to maintain contact with their friends, relatives and representatives.

Services user’s plans

Each service user will have an individual service/care plan. This will be reviewed at least annually on a formal basis. The review panel will include the individual, their carer/relative, the manager and other staff from the Home. Social worker and day activity staff and other professionals are also involved, as appropriate. The individual’s strengths and needs will be identified at this review meeting and the care plan will be agreed for the coming year.